Journal Entry

August 31, 2016

Once Upon a Time there was an old woman that wanted to travel. She wasn’t really that old but she certainly felt like it; ancient to the core.

It was a month away from her 37th birthday. She was still single (and realized that only mattered because of cultural expectations). In fact she hadn’t had a relationship – a real relationship – in 7 years and 5 months. Most would argue that’s probably very unhealthy, unless of course she was living a life as a nun. Unfortunately she hadn’t gone on a path of Devotion to God, or so she thought (hers was a path of devotion just not in a dogmatic sense). She suffered from profound trauma from a sexual assault by an intimate partner 7 years and 5 months prior. She failed to recognize all these years that something was wrong. The state of her mental health and spiritual health were declining slowly yet exponentially at the same time.

So with the realization that she’s Come Undone, that her soul had been fragmented, she decided to travel. She decided to retrace her steps in the places where she lost some pieces of her Self. This journey of hers would be like a soul-retrieval. She just hoped it would work because if it didn’t she really didn’t know what else to do.

She doesn’t know how it turns out. But she does know that this trip is important and it’s supposed to be life-altering. She’ll be happy, at the very least, if the journey will put the pieces back together. That, in itself, would be a miracle.


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