Our beloved Stitch passed away on the evening of July 25th, 2015. He was 19.5yrs old. He remains forever in our hearts. If you would like to make a donation in his name in the USA, please visit www.hopeforpaws.org.

UK-Morocco non-profit Help the Street Animals of Morocco can also use your help.

Age: 19.5
Likes: fleece blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, carrots, tofu, snacks, peeing on other dogs’ stuff, sleeping, hikes with mum, going in the car, sunshine, little kids and babies, people who give me snacks.
Dislikes: aggressive people, loud people, mean people, baths.

Special Needs: deaf, blind, chronic canine bronchitis, trauma from past abuse including burn scaring, collapsed eye from stabbing, poor health and immune system from neglect and age.

Rescued: 15years old
Life-savers: Adela and Eldad