Producer and Art Director: Holly Elissa
Photography and Photo Editing: Alanna Husband, Soda Pop Photography
Studio Donations: Matt Beard (LA) and Black Box Studios (Vancouver)

Choosing the words ‘real men’ was a deliberate choice I made. Our organization works with victims of male-perpetrated assault (female and male survivors). To me a real man isn’t defined by his physical appearance or physical strength, it’s by his character, his morals and ethics. Real men come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Real men are humans; kind, honorable, compassionate and lead by example in how they treat people around them. This is the message we wanted to put across in this campaign. To all the wonderful men that came out for this campaign – thank-you!

RMDR Campaign was a volunteer effort by all. It was shot by Alanna Husband of Soda Pop Photography in both Los Angeles and Vancouver. Acclaimed photographer Matt Beard donated his studio (and staff and gear) in Hollywood for our shoot. He and his family were also models for the campaign. Box Studios in Vancouver graciously donated their space for our shoot in Vancouver. We were so happy and so humbled with the amount of men and women that came out for the cause.

This sampling of photos is only a small percentage of the amount of people that came out.

To learn more or to get help please visit:
Brave Miss World Film
Stop Rape Now, a UN initiative
Red Brigade, India
Canadian Rape Crisis Centres